Challenge Spaces
Challenge Spaces

Challenge Spaces

When we talk about business challenges, I see there being three spaces where we can apply competencies and enable value with solutions to achieve positive outcomes as we engage: Opportunity Spaces, Problem Spaces, and Risk Spaces.

Opportunity Spaces What would it feel like to be ahead? How could we positively impact the business by investing in high value solutions to capitalize on near-term and long-term opportunities?

Problem Spaces What issues are causing you or your organization pain? What structural limitations are blocking you? Where are you experiencing friction in your processes and flows?

Risk Spaces What keeps you up at night? Do you have a clear view of the horizon? Does your organization have the safeguards in place to avoid potentially disruptive events?

Value Enablement Levers

When I use a term like “Value Levers,” my thinking is that at various stages of a task/activity, workflow, process, or stream there are “levers” that you can pull to (assuming positively) influence the potential value being added or created by a business process, or ultimately a value stream.

For example, if we were to sit down and evaluate the likelihood of a successful outcome of a process or system given a set of variables and constraints, what “levers” would we have available to us to “pull” in order to positively influence either the probability of success or the amount of value generated / protected (risk mitigated)?

Following that thinking, I see there being 12 core Value Enablement Levers that we can focus on to make better decisions and improve outcomes.